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Celebrate the arrival of a precious little one with a SP Gifts New Baby Blue Dimple Blanket.


The perfect blend of comfort and sentiment. This 75 x 100cm blanket features a delicate bubble embossed design in a soothing blue shade, adding both elegance and coziness.


Make it truly special with a personalised touch. The option to embroider the baby's name onto the blanket creates a cherished keepsake that captures the joy of the moment. It's an ideal gift for the new parents, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey.


100% polyester, this blanket offers a plush fleece back that guarantees gentle softness against delicate skin. Its versatile size ensures it's not only perfect for cuddling but also for tummy time, stroller walks, and nursery decor.


Whether it's for snuggles, playtime, or creating heartwarming memories, this blanket is a symbol of comfort and care, making it a treasured addition to the new family's life.

Blue Dimple Blanket - Personalised with a name

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