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Teacher Card, Name Badge & Matching Bookmark



I’m so excited to tell you about todays special

I wanted an affordable gift this year that is perfect for

👩‍🏫 NOT JUST TEACHERS buts SNAs and so many more amazing people helping and touching the lives of our children on a daily basis


With children of my own I know we need gifts for Speech Therapists, Teachers, SNAs, Child minders and so many others.


So I designed this that’s unisex, you can change the name and the poem

The design is versatile for everyone, I took away the generic teacher Apple etc and I went for something AFFORDABLE but perfect, as we are all struggling this year

It’s light so I can post at a lower cost for you too..


Who doesn’t need a name badge 🙀 oh and I think the bookmark will come in handy too


I’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a while now

Teacher Ten Euro Pack

€20.00 Regular Price
€10.00Sale Price
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