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The Art of Personalised Wedding Unity Candles

When planning your wedding, every detail matters. Among these, the unity candle holds a special place. It’s not just another element of decor, it's a symbol of your commitment, your shared future, and your two lives becoming one. And when it comes to unity candles, why settle for ordinary when you can have something that is as unique as your love story? That's where personalised wedding unity candles come in.


Why Personalised Wedding Unity Candles?

Choosing a personalised unity candle allows you to transform a beautiful wedding tradition into a meaningful, unique emblem of your love. You can include your names, wedding date, venue, or even a special design that holds significance for you. Your unity candle can be more than just a candle; it can be a keepsake of your special day.


The SP Gifts Difference

At SP Gifts, I understand the sentimental value of wedding unity candles. Having spent over a decade in this field, I pride myself on offering high quality, personalised candles tailored to each couple's tastes and wishes. I Sandra, personally handles each order, ensuring that your candles are made with utmost care and precision. I believe in quality above all.

My candles are printed using the finest materials on the market and use only the most vibrant printing techniques. With SP Gifts, you won't just get a candle, you both will get a cherished memento of your wedding day. My award-winning customer service (Let's Talk Weddings Award 2021 and 2022) and my 5-star ratings speak volumes about my commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for every couple.


Choice and More

With SP Gifts Ireland, you're spoilt for choice. I offer a variety of designs to choose from. Whether you prefer the elegance of the Eucalyptus design, the charm of the Birds design, the whimsy of the Love trees design, or the symbolism of the Claddagh ring design, I have something for all. my candles are available in traditional white or cream and are unscented to avoid any potential allergies.

At SP Gifts, I believe that each wedding is unique and should be treated as such. That's why I take the time to understand your needs, offer a sample image before printing, and personalise each candle to your satisfaction.

Why not add a touch of Ireland to your wedding with my exquisite Wedding Candles? Visit today to order your personalised wedding unity candles and let us light up your special day!


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