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This Deluxe Dimple Christening Box makes the perfect gift for every Child's Christening day, They also make the perfect Godchild gift as you have the option to add "To a very special Goddaughter/Godson on the candle"


These can only be found here at SP Gifts


This box includes the 2 essentials needed for every christening - The white Candle and White garment

  • The white candle - This represents the light of Christ and symbolizes lighting the way for the child being christened on their journey of faith, The candle comes personalised with the child's Name and then the Date, Godparents and Church are a optional personal preference, The same with the photo, this is also a personal preference Once ordered, you can email with your order number and photo for the candle
  • A white garment - The Christening blanket is traditionally white and is placed on the baby after he/she has been baptized. The white is thought to symbolize purity and innocence.
  • A White Bib - Perfect for photos
  • Teddy Bear - This makes the perfect keepsake for the child to treasure forever, It has a zippie bottom so you can remove the pods and wash the teddy as you need
  • A White Hanger - Perfect to hang your blanket away

A simpler breakdown of what's inside

  • Teddy €42.50
  • White Luxury Christening Ultra Soft Dimple Wrap €42.50
  • Satin Padded hanger
  • One med 15cmx6cm Christening Candle €25
  • Silk Christening Bib €25
  • Delivered in an SP Gifts Delivery box making it the perfect gift


The candle can be a floral candle in a pink or blue version, or if you would prefer it can be a photo candle, please send the photo along with your order number to

I will always send a sample via email before any printing or embroidery takes place

So never worry, It will never leave until approved and you are 100% Happy

The Flamingo Deluxe Teddy Dimple Satin Trim Christening - Delivery Box

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