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Your Ultimate Weight Loss Motivator for 2023!

Are you determined to achieve your weight loss goals this year? Look no further than my specially designed Pounds Tracking Chart. Created in 2016 by me a fellow weight loss enthusiast, this chart has proven to be a game-changer for countless individuals on their weight loss journeys.


What sets my Pounds Tracking Chart apart is its origin story. It was initially hand-drawn on a scrap piece of paper, colored in with Crayons, and used by myself after the birth of my second child. The incredible results I had achieved each week, thanks to the support of Slimming World and my  fellow group members, caught the attention of others. Inspired by their enthusiasm, I decided to share my creation by designing charts for the ladies in the group. And they absolutely loved them!


Over time, the chart evolved into a more polished version. Now designed on a computer and printed with meticulous care, it quickly gained popularity. In fact, it sold thousands of copies within the first month alone. Year after year, it has consistently been my top seller in January. I have continued to make small upgrades to enhance its effectiveness, ensuring it remains a go-to tool for weight loss success.


But what makes my Pounds Tracking Chart so effective? Personal experience has shown that weight loss charts are invaluable tools for achieving your goals. By utilizing the chart, you can track your weight loss milestones and stay motivated, even during those challenging periods when progress may seem slow.


When you choose our chart, you have two options available.

  • The first is a 360Gsm Silky Gloss Printed Chart, which provides a smooth, high-quality surface for effortless tracking.

  • Alternatively, for an upgrade of just €1, you can upgrade to the laminated version. This option allows you to use non-permanent markers, making it reusable week after week.


In response to customer feedback, this year's edition of our Pounds Tracking Chart has been upgraded to remove the specific year. This change ensures that you can use the chart indefinitely, regardless of the current year. No longer will you be limited by time or need to repurchase a new chart each year.


Take control of your weight loss journey with the SP Gifts Pounds Tracking Chart. Witness the power of visualizing your progress, stay motivated during every step, and celebrate your achievements along the way. Order your chart today and embark on a transformative year of weight loss success!

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