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The Wedding Day Memorial Candle is more than a beautiful accessory, it's a beacon of love and remembrance, a gentle reminder of those dear to us who may no longer be present, but are forever in our hearts.

This candle symbolises the glowing presence of your loved ones, casting a warm light on their memory during your joyous occasion.


A sample will be sent via email before any printing takes place to make sure your candle is 100% perfect


There are

4 Candle Options available

  • Medium White 15cm €25
  • Medium Cream15cm €29
  • Large White 20cm €32
  • Large Cream 20cm €37


Design A - Verse

Although we 

cannot see you,

we know you are here

Smiling down, 

watching over us

As we say "I Do"

Forever in our hearts, 

Forever in our lives, 

And so we say our vows

In loving 

memory of you...


Design B - Verse

We light this candle

In memory

those that we Love

who are 

watching from above

On Our

Wedding Day


Design C - Verse

Our thoughts 

are ever with you

Though you have 

passed away.

And those who 

loved you dearly

Are thinking 

of you today


Design D - Verse

This candle burns

In Memory of

those who are not

here Today,

But who are forever

present in 

our Hearts

On Our

Wedding Day



Wedding Memorial Candle - Watercolour Robin

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