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Introducing the Personalised A4 Spiral Bound Christening Day Guest book,


A cherished keepsake for your child's Christening day.

With its ample space for heartfelt messages and memories,

Each page is blank, awaiting the touch of a pen,

Where guests can share their special wishes and Heartfelt Messages,


The durable spiral binding ensures every page stays secure, preserving these precious words & memories for years to come


Customised with your child's name and Christening date,

this notebook becomes a treasure, a personal estate.

With every turn of the page, a new memory unfolds,

a testament to the love this day holds.


Crafted with care, its A4 size offers room to write,

while the sturdy cover protects, day and night.

Whether it's a heartfelt message or a thoughtful prayer,

this notebook captures the essence of love in the air.


From family and friends to loved ones near and far,

each entry becomes a shining, guiding star.

Through the years, this notebook will hold,

the memories of a Christening, precious as gold.


So, on this special day, let the pens glide,

as loved ones gather by your child's side.

With this Personalized A4 Spiral Bound Notebook,

memories and messages will forever grow.

Personalised A4 Book for Christening Memories - Sweet Rainbow Delight

€25.00 Regular Price
€17.50Sale Price
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