How adorable are these Pocket Pals Worry Bunnies & Worry Card in a soft mini folder


The inspiration came from my own son, I designed them to help soothe an anxious child throughout the day and at Bedtime.


Having a pocket sized freind with you is comfortering when feeling anxious, restless, impatient or nervous, They are made pocket sized so they can be handheld to help focus and decrease stress when holding it, and then stored in the pocket, School Bag or Under the pillow for example.


They are just perfect for Little Children and all ages


As mentioned in above the inspiration came from my own son, He wanted to hide something small in his bag and something under his pillow at night to comfort him, I couldnt get over his reaction when I handed him one I had originally created just for him and then his brother asked for one and I was just estatic.


  • As each one is Mostly made by hand, and can vary in fabric and texture
  • Also bear in mind these are Hand Cut, so no bunny will be the exact same, the same with the folders, these are also hand cut.
  • The Bunnies are made from off cuts, so fabric will vary Bunny to Bunny
  • Folders are made from felt and personalised with the childs name

Personalised Pocket Pals - Worry Bunny Boy