Are you Looking for extra weight loss motivation fpr 2022? Use an SP Gifts Laminated Pounds Tracking Chart


  • I originally Designed this weight loss chart in 2016 after my second child, it was hand drawn on a scrap piece of paper coloured in with Crayons 😂 Reaching all my goals weekly with the help of Slimming World other ladies in the group asked what was helping, I drew a couple of charts for the ladies in my group and they Loved them


  • It then developed from there, I then designed one up on my computer and printed it and sold 100s the first month and over the years it has become my January Top seller Year after Year, With Little Upgrades to it each year


  • From experience I Personally find Weight loss charts are a great tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals


  • As someone myself who has been on a weight loss journey paticuallary after having 2 Children, I know myself  NOT to expect a constant, steady stream of weight loss, So this year I have changed the Design of the charts to be Wipeable, meaning this year they are Laminated 💖 


  • Gloss Laminate (Use a non permanent marker or small stickers to mark the pounds lost and if you need use a cloth to wipe the mark away and really keep track of them pounds for 2022)


  • Using a Pounds Charts to keep track of those weight achievements that you really want will really help you keep moving forward, even during those slumps!


  • The new 2022 Design is a 300Gsm Cold Laminated Chart with Rounded Corners


  • 2022 is your year

Laminated Mens 2022 Slimming Chart - 3 Stone